Limitless Group

Limitless Group uniquely combines capital markets expertise with an in-depth understanding of real estate fundamentals.

What We Do

Joint Venture Structure Advisory

Bring clients together for Co-GP synergies that would allow for the long term success of the project. Handle all negotiations from valuation conversations to term sheet discussions.

LP Advisory

Personally underwrite deals our clients approach us with in order to figure out the best institutional and high net worth investors to approach with said opportunities. Handle all due diligence conversations with LP partners in an effort to help clients find the right partners to close on a transaction with.

Preferred Equity Advisory

Institutional and private groups are sourced with a focus on developing a good relationship between client and issuer in order to ensure that the relationship continues in good faith throughout all milestone achievements during the life cycle of a deal.

Mezzanine Debt Advisory

As capital markets tighten, we strive to create innovative mezzanine debt solutions for our clients through our extensive LP relationships both domestically and internationally.


Our Limitless Team

Meet Our Founders Jesse & Leonid

Jesse Yoskowitz

An expert on upscale living, Jesse Yoskowitz runs Limitless Group, which specializes in ultra-luxury real estate. For five years, he owned and managed a luxury concierge and lifestyle firm that gives clients exclusive access to the inaccessible, including prestigious events, hard-to-find luxury services, such as private jet charters, and more.

Ambitious and hungry for success, Jesse and his team are all about connecting people with lucrative opportunities, offering premium services to clients who wish to buy and sell properties. Jesse has valuable insight on new and pre-existing luxury developments. With residences in both New York City and the Hamptons, where he has extensive professional and social networks, Jesse is tremendously knowledgeable about the area itself as well as its most desirable commercial residential properties.

Leonid Levit

Leonid Levit graduated from the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University with a Bachelors of Business Economics. Leonid's professional experience includes work at brokerage firm Cape Securities, hedge fund Honne Capital, Morgan Stanley Fund Services, private equity advisory firm PG Advisers LLC and quantitative hedge fund Craftwood Partners. While at Honne Capital, his in-depth equity research was published several times on His market insights have also been published several times on the Dow Jones owned

During his time at PG Advisers LLC, Leonid worked on sourcing and evaluating deals for the firm, ultimately leading to the discovery of Dipexium Pharmaceuticals which went public on the NASDAQ after a private capital raise with the firm. Leonid then served as a partner at quantitative hedge fund Craftwood Partners during which time he substantially grew the AUM of the firm. Leonid's interest in capital markets and real estate as an alternative asset class eventually inspired him to partner with Jesse on the Limitless Group venture.